The students of the summerschool will be accomodated in the students dormitory:
Dom Studenta Nr 2 (DS2)
13, Tadeusza Rejtana Street

There are shared rooms only (3-4 persons per room).

Arriving students should contact reception (also those arriving on Sunday).

How to get there from the railway station:

Koszalin is the capital city of the Koszalin Region, and at the same time Middle Pomerania, and located on the Berlin- Szczecin- Gdansk- Kaliningrad route.

Koszalin has more than 105,000 inhabitants and covers 83 km2 of scenic area comprising 4 parks, the Dzierzecinka River that is flowing right through the city center, and the ancient Chelmska Hill (137 m above sea level).

The Koszalin Region offers its guests the beauty of the nearby (6 km) sea-side dunes and beaches, considered as one of the most beautiful, leisure and sunbathing but also many attractions available at the city.